Home Energy Ratings

Home energy ratings are primarily on new homes but can be done on existing homes as well. Certified through RESNET, we conduct energy ratings on homes that will give a HERS Score that is registered by the EPA. The score is a “miles-per-gallon” number for your home, only in this case the lower the score the better. In addition to blower door and duct blaster testing for air leakage, we utilize computer energy modeling software to create the score and energy code compliance verification. We evaluate all necessary components of the home that directly relate to energy usage such as, insulation, window glass, all mechanical equipment, lighting, water heating, appliances, and construction methods. Here is an example of some reports that are generated from a HERS Rating.

Energy code compliance is another aspect of HERS Ratings. On new construction homes we work with builders to ensure that they meet local and state energy codes. Not unlike a plumbing or electrical code, energy codes must be met when building a new home and Viable Home Energy assists builders with verifying this. We conduct plan reviews for consulting, pre-insulation air barrier checks, pre-drywall insulation inspections, and final testing once the home is move-in ready. HERS Ratings are a method of verification for those who choose Performance Path. If Prescriptive Path is chosen, you are still required to test the ductwork for leakage, to ensure that it meets the requirements of the applicable energy code. Viable Home Energy can consult with you to make sure you meet these requirements, and ultimately test for final verification.

Not only can we improve your home’s efficiency and livability, there are several utility rebates from Vectren available for existing home improvements here.