Home Energy Consulting

Viable Home Energy has been providing home energy consulting since 2012. Whether you have an existing home that you want to make more efficient, or you are building a new home, we are the choice for you.

Having tested hundreds of homes, we understand what it takes to make you home energy efficient and healthy. We are well versed in common building practices and have the latest tools andequipment to verify quality of work. During the planning stages of building your new home, let us help guide you to an efficient home that maintains good indoor air quality.

Indiana has a new building code that must be followed for any new home permitted after January 1, 2020. Viable Home Energy understands the changes from the previous code and can help make this energy code change easy for you to understand. We will be working with builders, HVAC contractors, Insulators, and homeowners to make sure these requirements are understood, and that everyone is successful in adhering to it. Please contact Viable Home Energy today and get us involved early in the building process.