Home Energy Audits

Home energy audits are primarily on existing homes but can be done on new homes as well. If you think your home is using too much energy, or your air quality might not be poor, a home energy audit may be a good first step. At Viable Home Energy, we utilize a blower door to depressurize the home, then with a smoke puffer we will check for any air leaks. Air leaks, if significant, can cause all kinds of problems in a home such as moisture problems, air quality problems, excess dust, and obviously higher than acceptable energy bills.

We also use a duct blaster to check for leakage in ductwork. Did you know that studies conducted throughout North America indicate that duct leakage typically wastes between 10% and 30% of the heating or cooling energy purchased by the homeowner? Did you know that duct leakage could be the reason you have poor air quality or are constantly dusting? Having your ductwork properly sealed is vital to comfort and lower energy bills.

In addition to air leakage tests, an overall visual inspection of the home and its components is conducted, and a report is prepared with recommendations for improvement. We also have thermal imaging capabilities to find those problems that are hidden in the structure of the home.

Not only can we improve your home's efficiency and livability, there are several utility rebates from Vectren available for existing home improvements here.