Duct Leakage Verification Testing

At Viable Home Energy, LLC one of our specialties is testing air ducts for leakage. Energy codes have a limit on the amount of duct leakage allowed. Whether you chose performance path or prescriptive path, we have the equipment and knowledge to make sure your ductwork meets the required code.

Whether you are a builder, an HVAC contractor, or a homeowner, we can be the right fit for you. We have tested hundreds of homes and have run into situations where someone stepped on ductwork in the attic and tore a hole in the flex run. If we had not tested for leakage, the homeowner would have never known that they were wasting money by blowing conditioned air into the attic.

We have also had ducts that leaked so badly that we have spent days onsite with HVAC contractors, working with them to trouble shoot and seal the ductwork in order to get it to meet code. Testing ductwork is vital to saving energy, saving money, allowing your equipment to operate efficiently, and preventing dust and debris from collecting throughout your HVAC system, and home. Please call Viable Home Energy today for your duct testing needs.