Air Duct Cleaning



At Viable Home Energy, we thoroughly clean ductwork by utilizing an effective Ram Air system. We recommend air duct cleaning every two years and we are certain you will be amazed at the amount dust and debris that collects in your ductwork which is removed through the cleaning process.

We do not use any brushes or other components that could cut or damage ductwork. Instead, with a balanced assortment of compressed air, a high-powered vacuum with a HEPA-filter, the air handler fan, and various hand tools. Beginning with return air ducts. We begin with return air ducts, then move to each supply duct and clean them out one by one - noticably improving air quality one duct run at a time.

We also offer an add-on service of spraying a microbiostatic agent, that is effective in fighting mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria growth. As it sanitizes provides a coating on the interior of the flex duct that prevents dust from sticking to the inner walls. Please call for pricing.

New Home Construction Duct Cleaning

Based on years of experience testing ductwork, we at Viable Home Energy are aware how difficult it is to keep saw dust, tile grout, and other debris out of air ducts during the construction process. Whether you are a builder wanting to clean construction debris from air ducts toward the end of the building process, or a homeowner with a new home, our cleaning system can work for you. Please call for pricing.